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A Home Warranty from ARW will help you cover the high cost of unexpected appliances and major systems breakdowns in your home. So Let’s Get Started!

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In order to provide valuable customizable home protection plans to its customers, American Residential Warranty, ARW, has partnered with The Warranty Group, the parent company to TWG Home Warranty Services, Inc. ARW offers specialized coverage for major home systems and household appliance failures. Home protection policies through ARW include access to a nationwide network of service technicians who perform expert replacement and repair services.

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Getting your home’s systems and household appliances covered through ARW couldn’t be easier. You will not be subject to a time consuming home inspection! To sign up for this important protection today, all you need to do is call us or click the link below. Your plan’s coverage will take effect in 30 days. If any of your protected systems or household appliances fails, you only need to call our toll-free claims number. We will handle the rest! Does the process sound easy? It is!

Because I’ve already obtained service contracts or extended warranties on one or more of the systems or household appliances in my home, why do I need to purchase a home warranty? You clearly appreciate the advantages of owning a service contract or extended warranty. But, why limit your protection to merely one, two, or three systems or household appliances? By purchasing a home warranty policy, you can affordably cover multiple systems and household appliances instantaneously instead of protecting individual items by themselves. You will receive a much better return on your investment because you can cover almost your entire home for the amount of money it costs to protect one, two, or three items individually. Also, if you currently have more than one service contract, why not consolidate your payments into one comprehensive policy?

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