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A Home Warranty from ARW will help you cover the high cost of unexpected appliances and major systems breakdowns in your home. So Let’s Get Started!

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How Do I Place A Claim?
In order to report the failure of a protected item, you simply need to call our toll-free claims number, 1-800-341-3624. You can utilize this number around the clock every day of the week. Expert claims representatives will ask you some questions in order to discover the possible reason for the covered item’s failure. Depending on your situation, a licensed and insured technician in your area can be dispatched to your home.

What Happens If I Need a Repair? I Don’t Like To Wait All Day For Service!
If you need service, you will not have to wait all day for it. We will work with your schedule in order to set up a time that best suits your unique needs.

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Will I Have to Pay Anything For the Repair?
To repair a protected item, you only pay a $55 service fee. This small fee should be paid to the expert technician at the time services are rendered.

If The Repair Is Not Fixed The First Time, Will I Need To Pay $55 Every Time A Technician Visits My Home?
You will definitely not have to pay the $55 service fee every time a technician visits your home. This amount applies to each repair or replacement. It does not apply to each visit. Regardless of whether a repair technician visits your home one time or five times for the same job, you still only pay $55. All repairs include a 60 day parts and labor warranty. Therefore, if the protected item breaks down again within this time period, you will not owe the $55 service fee.

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How Soon Can I Expect Someone To Repair or Replace My Covered Items?
Customer claims are usually taken care of within one week. Most of our customer’s needs are met on the same day that the service technician visits their homes. However, if a special part must be ordered or if a system or household appliance must be replaced, delays may occur.

Can I Get Reimbursed For Items That I Have Repaired Or Replaced Outside Of The Program?
Your home warranty policy only pays for expenses that have been reported and authorized prior to a repair or replacement.


What Happens If My Broken Down System or Household Appliance Cannot Be Fixed?
If a protected item cannot be repaired, we will be responsible for replacing equipment of similar capacity, features, and efficiency. Depending on the terms and limits of the plan you select, we may not be responsible for matching dimensions, color, or brand.