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A Home Warranty from ARW will help you cover the high cost of unexpected appliances and major systems breakdowns in your home. So Let’s Get Started!

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If you are a homeowner , a home warranty is an important feature. The question of whether a property contains a home warranty or not often comes up during the sale and purchase of a home. A residential warranty can provide encouragement to a home buyer who lacks information about how well the home’s components have been taken care of. If the home is a new construction, the potential home buyer may not know how well the house was built. Therefore, a residential warranty is also an important component of buying a brand new home. A home warranty may also be beneficial for people who have recently exhausted their savings to buy a home and wish to avoid any additional huge expenses. For home sellers, supplying the home buyer a prepaid one-year home warranty with the home purchase may provide the home buyer with peace of mind. In addition to the home buyer’s peace of mind, the home seller will be protected against the home buyer’s complaints about any home defects that happen after the sale is finalized.


What Items Are covered by a typical home warranty?

A home warranty covers major system and appliance breakdowns in the home. This kind of warranty protects homeowners against damage stemming from ordinary wear and tear.

A home warranty offers protection for an assortment of important items. A particular homeowner’s breadth of coverage depends on the items that he or she selects in his or her policy. For example, you can choose any or all of the following items for your customized policy: central heat and air conditioning, ductwork, washing machines, dryers, microwaves, refrigerators, ice makers, ovens, cook tops, stoves, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, garbage disposals, garage door openers, plumbing and electrical systems, and other similar things.

What items are not covered by a typical home warranty?

Home warranties offer customers significant protections for most systems and appliances in the home. However, home warranties do not cover any items protected by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

What can be added on to the standard home warranty?

You have the ability to add many items to the typical home warranty policy. For instance, extra refrigerators, icemakers, washing machines, dryers, pools, spa equipment, heat and air conditioning units, outside water lines, outside sewer lines, and well pumps can all be added to a home warranty policy.

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