Walk up to the average person, and ask them if they have a home warranty plan in place. They will probably say no. Surprisingly, more people than you might think place getting a home warranty plan on the back burner. One of the best ways to protect important appliances is with a home warranty. One of the top home maintenance tips, is to get a home warranty with American Residential Warranty. The best home warranty in Texas companies to the Home Warranty Kansas advisers agree that warranty protection should top the list of home maintenance tips.
Home Warranty Basics
There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding warranties. Some consumers think that their home owner’s insurance is enough coverage for those emergencies that happen at the most inconvenient time. Certainly, it is a good idea to have home owner’s insurance. However, there is a big difference between home owner’s insurance and a home warranty plan. Home insurance is for accidental damage to the home. A home warranty covers the cost to replace older appliances, heating systems, or cooling systems, in the home. Clearly, a warranty saves the home-owner a tremendous amount of money and worry over costly repairs.

Understanding Home Warranties
There are numerous benefits that are associated with purchasing a home warranty plan with a professional company like American Residential Warranty. The best home warranty in Texas plans to the Home Warranty Kansas plans might save the consumer thousands in costly repairs over the years. Here is the deal: Sooner or later that brand new range, refrigerator, or dishwater is going to wear out. Replacing or repairing the appliance cost hundreds. However, the warranty plan provides coverage for those appliances and quick contact with a network of professional contractors that are able to repair or replace the items covered.Items Covered
A home warranty plan covers a number of appliances and systems in the home. Here is a quick break down of the items or systems normally covered.

  • Cover most major appliances
  • Covers heating systems
  • Covers cooling systems
  • Covers home plumbing systems
  • Covers electrical systems

Home Warranty Plans
The fact is that the appliances in your home or the heating or cooling system are going to require some type of maintenance. Plumbing systems and electrical systems require regular servicing. A home warranty gives the worried consumer piece of mind. They know that they are covered during an emergency. Contact a professional company like American Residential Warranty. They are a very reliable and dependable company that believes highly in customer satisfaction. One of their friendly customer service representatives will fill you in on all the details required to select the best plan for your situation.