For some, a home warranty might seem like a mysterious type of coverage; many people have never even heard of it. Most people know about homeowner’s insurance and understand how important it is, but a home warranty from American Residential can be just as important.

After contacting American Residential Warranty, you can get a home warranty in Washington. When an appliance breaks down, it could cost hundreds of dollars for repairs. In some cases, the repair bill could cost thousands of dollars or more.Home warranties cover a wide range of appliances, so they give homeowners great peace of mind. For first time home buyers, it’s a very good idea to get a home warranty.

Many first time home buyers don’t understand proper home maintenance, which can lead to a premature appliance breakdown. A warranty can cover such a scenario.


Who Ends Up Paying For A Warranty?

The answer to this question depends on who is buying or selling the home. Many sellers offer a home warranty with the purchase of their home because they want to sweeten the deal for the buyer.

However, many deals involve the buyer paying for the warranty. If you already own a home and don’t plan on selling it, you can still benefit from getting a warranty.

During the sale of a home, it’s quite common for the seller to pay for the warranty. A lot of real estate agents provide a warranty with the sale of a home as a closing gift.

What Is The Cost of a Home Warranty?

The cost of a warranty can vary; it depends on the company that is selling it. However, most warranties are quite inexpensive. The typical cost of a warranty is $200 to $400.

The level of coverage provided by the policy is the biggest factor that determines the price. Most warranties require you to pay for a whole year of coverage upfront.

How the Coverage Works

Different plans provide different levels of coverage, but most policies operate in a similar way. If you’re covered, all you have to do is call the company when a covered appliance stops working.

After you’ve contacted the warranty company and informed them of your situation, the company will get in touch with one of their partners. The partner is someone who the warranty company has a business relationship with.

Put simply, partners are the people who will end up fixing your broken appliance. Once the warranty company has contacted a partner, the partner will set up an appointment with you.

Eventually, the partner will fix the appliance, and if he or she cannot, the warranty company should pay to have the appliance replaced. Most home warranties require you to pay a service fee, which is just like paying a deposit when you wreck your car. The service fee is usually less than $100.

What Isn’t Covered?

While every home warranty is different, there are some things that are rarely covered. The warranty usually doesn’t cover outdoor items, such as water sprinklers.

It’s unlikely to cover permit fees, the removal of an appliance, pools, spas and faucet repairs. A lot of plans also don’t cover garage door openers, dryers, washers and refrigerators.

American residential is a trusted company. To avoid paying the bill for costly appliance repairs, American Residential Warranty can give you a home warranty in Washington.