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A Home Warranty from ARW will help you cover the high cost of unexpected appliances and major systems breakdowns in your home. So Let’s Get Started!

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Similar to other warranties, a residential warranty’s purpose is to protect the homeowner from unforeseen expensive repair bills.

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Home warranties also provide homeowners with the peace of mind that their home’s systems and appliances are protected. A home warranty can be especially beneficial to a person who doesn’t have an emergency fund. This type of protection is also pertinent for someone who has a healthy emergency fund, but doesn’t wish to spend it on costly system or household appliance repairs. Home warranties are the right fit for homeowners who aren’t handy. They are also beneficial to those who don’t want the responsibility of finding a repairman when they have a system or household appliance breakdown. Home warranties are even perfect for people who prefer expensive upscale household appliances.


A home warranty is a great asset to have when selling a home. Potential buyers often look for residences that offer this type of protection. A residential warranty often provides assurance to a potential homebuyer who possesses limited information about how well the home’s systems and household appliances have been cared for. Concerning a new construction, the inclusion of a home warranty might sway a prospective homebuyer who lacks knowledge about how well the residence in question was built. A home warranty can also benefit people who have spent their entire savings on the down payment of a new home. People in this situation probably wish to dodge any additional large expenses in the short-term. When home sellers supply prospective buyers with a prepaid, one-year home warranty with the home purchase, they provide the buyer with peace of mind. This thoughtful gesture also protects home sellers against buyer complaints about any system or household appliance defects that occur after the sale closes.

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A home warranty is not the equivalent to homeowners insurance. It is also not a substitute for homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance covers damage sustained from major catastrophes such as fire, hail, property crimes, and some kinds of water damage. In other words, homeowners insurance guards against events that could encompass the entire construction including a homeowner’s personal belongings. Home warranties do not protect these types of items. Instead, they cover certain components of the home including plumbing systems, heating and air conditioning systems, spas, pools, and household appliances.

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A home warranty is a contract between a home warranty entity and a homeowner. A home warranty company provides replacement parts and repairs on the major components of a home including plumbing systems, heating and air conditioning systems, spas, and pools. Homeowners can also obtain home warranties that protect important household appliances such as refrigerators, ice makers, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, cook tops, washing machines, and dryers.

Home warranty entities have pre-arranged agreements with approved service technicians who are insured and vetted by the home warranty company. When a system or household appliance that is protected by a home warranty fails, the homeowner contacts a support line at the home warranty entity. At this time, the home warranty company will send one of its service experts to the home to investigate the issue. If the service technician decides that the necessary replacement part or repair is covered by the home warranty, he or she completes the work. In addition to the money that the homeowner has already paid to buy the home warranty, he or she will only be required to pay a small deductible at the time of the service expert’s visit.