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Everything You Need To Know About Home Warranties

For some, a home warranty might seem like a mysterious type of coverage; many people have never even heard of it. Most people know about homeowner’s insurance and understand how important it is, but a home warranty from American Residential can be just as important.

After contacting American Residential Warranty, you can get a home warranty in Washington. When an appliance breaks down, it could cost hundreds of dollars for repairs. In some cases, the repair bill could cost thousands of dollars or more.Home warranties cover a wide range of appliances, so they give homeowners great peace of mind. For first time home buyers, it’s a very good idea to get a home warranty.

Many first time home buyers don’t understand proper home maintenance, which can lead to a premature appliance breakdown. A warranty can cover such a scenario.


Who Ends Up Paying For A Warranty?

The answer to this question depends on who is buying or selling the home. Many sellers offer a home warranty with the purchase of their home because they want to sweeten the deal for the buyer.

However, many deals involve the buyer paying for the warranty. If you already own a home and don’t plan on selling it, you can still benefit from getting a warranty.

During the sale of a home, it’s quite common for the seller to pay for the warranty. A lot of real estate agents provide a warranty with the sale of a home as a closing gift.

What Is The Cost of a Home Warranty?

The cost of a warranty can vary; it depends on the company that is selling it. However, most warranties are quite inexpensive. The typical cost of a warranty is $200 to $400.

The level of coverage provided by the policy is the biggest factor that determines the price. Most warranties require you to pay for a whole year of coverage upfront.

How the Coverage Works

Different plans provide different levels of coverage, but most policies operate in a similar way. If you’re covered, all you have to do is call the company when a covered appliance stops working.

After you’ve contacted the warranty company and informed them of your situation, the company will get in touch with one of their partners. The partner is someone who the warranty company has a business relationship with.

Put simply, partners are the people who will end up fixing your broken appliance. Once the warranty company has contacted a partner, the partner will set up an appointment with you.

Eventually, the partner will fix the appliance, and if he or she cannot, the warranty company should pay to have the appliance replaced. Most home warranties require you to pay a service fee, which is just like paying a deposit when you wreck your car. The service fee is usually less than $100.

What Isn’t Covered?

While every home warranty is different, there are some things that are rarely covered. The warranty usually doesn’t cover outdoor items, such as water sprinklers.

It’s unlikely to cover permit fees, the removal of an appliance, pools, spas and faucet repairs. A lot of plans also don’t cover garage door openers, dryers, washers and refrigerators.

American residential is a trusted company. To avoid paying the bill for costly appliance repairs, American Residential Warranty can give you a home warranty in Washington.

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Reasons to Select a Home Warranty from Us

Owning a home is a joy, but it comes with responsibilities. You have a responsibility to your family to keep your home in good working shape. You have a responsibility to your investment in your home. At American Residential Warranty, we know well-maintained homes fetch better values on the real estate market.

That is why offer the home warranty Montana home owners know and trust. Why do they trust us? Consider the reasons presented in this blog piece.It Is Better to Be In than Out

Things break. It is a fact. When something breaks in your home, its repair cost can be high. Broken appliances can also cost you time waiting for repair technicians who may be unreliable.

A warranty from ARW or Home Warranty of America will prevent those hassles.

You Need It!

Our home warranties keep costs down. Sooner or later, you will need something replaced. Your dishwasher may stop working. Your oven might break. Your dryer may not spin. All of these home appliances can be expensive to repair. With one of our warranties, you will get the benefit of repairing your appliance without the possibly prohibitive cost.

Our Customers Love Us!

We love our customers and our customers love us! Our satisfied customers tell us they are so thankful that we save them money on the cost of appliance repairs. Why pay $900 when you can pay less than a dollar a day?

It Will Pay for Itself with One Repair

Our plans start at less than one dollar per day. Fixing an appliance in your home can run as high as $1,200. Even if you only need our warranty’s services once in a year, it will pay for itself by a mile!

Enrolling Is Easy!

We know you do not have time to waste, and that is why we made it easy to sign up for one of our warranties. You only need to follow these simple steps:

  • First, pick a plan
  • Second, select your payment options
  • Third, fill out our signup form

It really is that easy! Why complicate things? We never will.

We Keep Things Simple

Nobody likes long-term contracts, and we do not need them! In addition, we approve every applicant without home inspections. We see no reason to complicate the process. To take advantage of this great opportunity, all you have to do is enroll.

In addition, we give you a 30-day guarantee. If you change your mind in a month, we will refund your money.

We Work Fast!

When you need a repair, all you have to do is contact us. We will send help to your door without delay! Few independent appliance services can make that claim.

You deserve confidence in your home’s convenience. You deserve an American Residential Warranty.

We look forward to providing you with the home warranty Montana home owners love!

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Home Warranty Guide

Walk up to the average person, and ask them if they have a home warranty plan in place. They will probably say no. Surprisingly, more people than you might think place getting a home warranty plan on the back burner. One of the best ways to protect important appliances is with a home warranty. One of the top home maintenance tips, is to get a home warranty with American Residential Warranty. The best home warranty in Texas companies to the Home Warranty Kansas advisers agree that warranty protection should top the list of home maintenance tips.
Home Warranty Basics
There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding warranties. Some consumers think that their home owner’s insurance is enough coverage for those emergencies that happen at the most inconvenient time. Certainly, it is a good idea to have home owner’s insurance. However, there is a big difference between home owner’s insurance and a home warranty plan. Home insurance is for accidental damage to the home. A home warranty covers the cost to replace older appliances, heating systems, or cooling systems, in the home. Clearly, a warranty saves the home-owner a tremendous amount of money and worry over costly repairs.

Understanding Home Warranties
There are numerous benefits that are associated with purchasing a home warranty plan with a professional company like American Residential Warranty. The best home warranty in Texas plans to the Home Warranty Kansas plans might save the consumer thousands in costly repairs over the years. Here is the deal: Sooner or later that brand new range, refrigerator, or dishwater is going to wear out. Replacing or repairing the appliance cost hundreds. However, the warranty plan provides coverage for those appliances and quick contact with a network of professional contractors that are able to repair or replace the items covered.Items Covered
A home warranty plan covers a number of appliances and systems in the home. Here is a quick break down of the items or systems normally covered.

  • Cover most major appliances
  • Covers heating systems
  • Covers cooling systems
  • Covers home plumbing systems
  • Covers electrical systems

Home Warranty Plans
The fact is that the appliances in your home or the heating or cooling system are going to require some type of maintenance. Plumbing systems and electrical systems require regular servicing. A home warranty gives the worried consumer piece of mind. They know that they are covered during an emergency. Contact a professional company like American Residential Warranty. They are a very reliable and dependable company that believes highly in customer satisfaction. One of their friendly customer service representatives will fill you in on all the details required to select the best plan for your situation.

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Did You Pick The Best Home Warranty Company?

These days, many Texas and Arkansas homeowners know the importance of hiring a high quality home warranty Texas or home warranty Arkansas company. However, these individuals oftentimes are not aware that there is a big difference between a good home warranty company and a great one. If you want to get all that you can out of the warranty services that you’re paying for, it’s important to note that you deserve to work with an exceptional, expedient company. Here are some traits that set the good home warranty Texas and home warranty Arkansas companies apart from the great:

1. A Customer-Oriented Approach.The best home warranty companies are so because they recognize the great value of adopting and maintaining a customer-oriented approach. Although defined broadly, a customer-oriented approach is basically one that involves continually conversing with clients to determine what is in their best interest and subsequently taking the steps necessary to ensure that they attain the services and products that will be most personally advantageous to them. When a home warranty company maintains this type of collaborative approach, the customer satisfaction rate is typically quite high.

2. Excellent Customer Service.

In many cases, homeowners make the mistake of hiring a home warranty company based on its ability to offer superior products, great deals, or fast service. While all of these things are important, it’s also quite critical that you locate a company that offers excellent customer service. Why? Because ensuring that you attain service with a smile as well as a staff who is extremely knowledgeable will prevent you from experiencing some of the deep frustrations that customers often undergo when working with a company. To learn whether a home warranty company is consistent in offering excellent customer service, check the rating it has received from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well as any online reviews that exist regarding the quality of services that it offers.

3. Perks/Benefits.

When it’s time for you to select a high quality home warranty company, note that the best ones out there will offer you convenient, cost-effective services…and extra perks and benefits! Some of the perks and benefits you should be on the look out for include:

-24 Hour Support
-Money back guarantee
-Referral services
-No contracts/commitments
-Free quotes

If you’re currently working with a home warranty company that doesn’t offer any helpful perks and benefits, you may want to consider switching companies.

Choosing The Right Home Warranty Company

If you’re serious about getting the best home warranty services available, you should note that it’s all about selecting a company that consistently operates in excellence and expedience. When you’re looking for a service provider or evaluating the quality of the company you’re already with, think about things such as whether the business adopts a customer-oriented approach, offers exceptional customer service, and provides its customers with value-adding perks and benefits that make life easier and affordable.

Let American Residential Warranty Assist You Now

Here at American Residential Warranty, we’re passionate about providing our clients with the exceptional products and services that get their homes in absolutely amazing condition. To make it happen, we’re pleased to offer exceptional customer service, a collaborative approach to business, and a wide range of value-adding perks and benefits that keep more money in your wallet. We’re ready to put together a customized, affordable home warranty package for you right now, so call one of our friendly customer service representatives at American Residential Warranty and let’s get started immediately!

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How To Protect Home Values Throughout The Years

Routine maintenance and diligence in addressing home repair issues are both vital steps for preserving the value of your most important investment. Unfortunately, some of the most costly home repair issues often rear their heads when homeowners are already dealing with major cash flow issues. By purchasing a home warranty Florida residents can have assured access to the professional services they need for essential property repairs, no matter what their financial circumstance may be.

The Benefits Of Having An American Residential WarrantyThere are a number of benefits in choosing to purchase an extended warranty for your home. Most builders will not continue to honor warranty repair issues beyond the first year of ownership. They attribute nearly problems that occur after this time to normal wear and tear rather than believing these to being caused by shoddy workmanship or substandard materials. In reality, however, it is usually only after the first two years of ownership that the most significant settlement issues will begin to occur. Just after their builder-supplied warranties expire, many homeowners begin to see settlement cracks and can experience an array of additional problems that diminish the aesthetic appeal and the structural integrity and usability of their homes. By purchasing an American Residential Warranty, consumers can address these issues before they have the chance to turn into far larger problems.

Limiting Insurance Premiums

Certain home repair issues may be covered by your home insurance. Unfortunately, however, each time you file a new claim with your provider, you run the risk of having your insurance premiums increase. This can have a significant impact on your ongoing expenses. For many new homeowners, the total costs of home ownership can be quite overwhelming. When purchasing a home warranty Florida locals are taking the best step towards limiting these expenses in a long-term fashion. They can have a much lesser reliance on the financial protections that are supplied by their home insurance plans, thereby ensuring reasonable premiums throughout the years. An American Residential Warranty is therefore, a great way to supplement an existing home insurance policy.

Maintain The Resale Value Of Your Home

While you might be interested in investing in sweat equity to increase the overall value of your home, your first priority is to keep your property in optimal condition. Many consumers avoid tackling their repair issues until these problems have a significant impact on the usability of their homes and the level of comfort that these supply. Diligently addressing problems, however, will not only help you to get more enjoyment from your home, but this will additionally preserve the resale value of your property. Should you ever decide to place your home on the market, you will be assured of recouping your investment and you may even be able to walk away with profits.

Performing Research

One of the first things that you should do before purchasing a home warranty is to consider some of the feedback that other local homeowners have left. Reading American Residential Warranty reviews is a great way to learn more about these products and the benefits they supply. Many consumers have left candid feedback concerning these agreements and the related services. American Residential Warranty reviews will also give you a better understanding of how these products can help you limit your ongoing ownership costs.

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